Mainly on the homepage of this website, as well as on Astrid's or Sebastian's profile pages, you can find a few pointers on how we can contribute to the success of your project in a targeted manner.

Other benefits for you include:

-> Focused on finding feasible solutions

-> Experienced users of all the main translation techniques

-> Responsive: The technical facilities for this exist, both when in the office, where we can be found most of the time, such as by running Outlook 2016, and when out of the office. There is also an office phone number, etc. 

-> Efficient communicators

-> Proper time management skills

-> Well-traveled individuals (Britain, United States, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria) with knowledge of various spheres of life, appropriate research skills and an ability to access new subject matter, as long as it falls within our working fields, which are:

Computers: Hardware 
General Business - Management - Economics 
The Economics of the Energy/Power Generation Industry
Engineering (general)    
Environment & Ecology
IT (Information Technology)
Science (general)
Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, Social Security Law, etc.
Tourism & Travel

-> Confidential treatment of data and documents handed over to us is guaranteed.

-> Proper editing and proofreading ethics, i.e. neither putting ourselves forward unnecessarily and thus changing too much nor doing the work too superficially, i.e. editing the translation too lightly.

-> Goal is to combine an eye for detail and formal aspects on the one hand with achieving clarity, coherence and a number of other criteria of good text quality in the target language plus accuracy of content on the other hand.

-> Familiar with the concept of linguistic register and able to preserve it

-> Able to translate and edit consistently where it is advisable or if we have been instructed to do so.

-> Generally able to follow job instructions (if any)

-> Resourceful and imaginative

-> Astrid, is capable of formatting most non-editable or editable file formats we can handle (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and, subject to restrictions, possibly some of the main image formats like JPEG - if you can make a PDF file instead, however, this would always be preferable-, or by prior arrangement also posted documents) so that they look neat and very or, as the case may be, even most similar to the source document.

-> Other file formats we can handle through Trados Studio, mostly on a 'formatting-in/formatting-out' sort of basis, for lack of owning the respective software, include Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy and QuarkXpress files - in addition, we can process XHTML 1.1, HTML 4 and HTML 5 files.

-> Able to process SDL Trados Studio 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019  and 2021 packages, SDLXLIFFs, XLFs (by arrangement), MQXLIFFs (by arrangement)

-> You and we benefit from SDL Trados Studio term recognition, which searches our subject matter-specific termbases in real time for hits in the source text and enables us to quickly take over the translated term selected from among the suggestions and insert it into the target text, in order to achieve greater accuracy and consistency

-> 5 million words translated and edited between the two of us, 2 million words edited that were translated by third parties 

-> A pecuniary loss liability insurance has been concluded with the insurance company R + V Versicherung to cover financial losses caused to third parties by improperly provided language services, which insurance policy also covers the activities of subcontractors to a reasonable extent.

-> Good, basic equipment with technically immaculate, well-maintained PCs (64 bit systems running Windows 10, 32 GB RAM, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 upper middle class CPUs, respectively (with 6 and 8 cores respectively), SSD system drive, SSD data drive in one case, 1 large SATA III as data drive in the other case, one dedicated graphics card with 4 GB memory each, little but high-quality software and professionally recognised, rock-solid, comprehensive dictionaries from the 2000s, as well as more recent publications, especially PC dictionaries, e.g. any that might run under the joint Unilex interface of Acolada GmbH, Nuremberg.

-> Able to translate into British English (native speaker version) or otherwise, American English.

-> Able to translate into German/Germany or otherwise, upon request, able to arrange for a translation into Austrian High German (native speaker version) or Swiss High German (native speaker version) that meets our quality assurance requirements by means of a network of tried and tested colleagues.

-> Well-connected within the translation profession