Wouldn't it be great to always have someone to turn to who knows exactly how to accurately go about conveying the expertise that is inherent in your text into the desired language, while injecting into the text that idiomatic feel of being at home in the target language. In addition, wouldn’t it also be good to find someone who knows where to find help for what they are not in a position to undertake themselves?

And what if you knew someone who could give you expert linguistic advice in a variety of specialist fields, where you would not have to worry that they would make lots of promises and then not keep so many of them? Basically, would you like to deal with someone who only offers to do what they are really good at? Wouldn't that then, perhaps, also be someone to whom you could entrust other tasks, in addition to the core activity of translating?

Gain from our optimized, internal processes while still enjoying the ease of communicating directly with the actual service provider.

A one-stop shop with only the sensible limitation that many relevant services are on offer there, from a single source, but just not everything?

Now, to keep things brief, you have found just that very source here. To put it more precisely, it is a team of tried and true, qualified and stylistically proficient specialist translators with the native languages of English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, respectively, with A. & S. Witte Partnerschaft at its center. The people behind this enigmatic acronym are introduced here ...